With more than 2 years in the market, Ecozone’s production base is constantly developing to become the leading supplier of CUC BAGS TUBE in Vietnam. Ecozone always aims at the spirit of cooperation, bringing the best benefits to partners.

Policy for agents of Ecozone
Policy for agents of Ecozone
In order to expand the market and bring quality products to consumers, Ecozone has developed a system of agents and agent support based on the following principles of transparency. Principles of sustainable cooperation
– Ecozone shares opportunities, shares business benefits and long-term, sustainable companionship with Agents. – Pay attention to and support Agents to improve business efficiency – Protect customers for Agents, ensure fairness across the entire distribution system.
– Together with the agent to expand the market and expand the agent’s distribution channel, bring high quality products, safe for consumers’ health at reasonable prices. Price policy and discount for agents
– Ecozone sends a product quotation including retail price and discount % to Dealers. The retail price in the quotation and on the website is the price without VAT
– After 6 months, Ecozone will rely on the sales, size and capacity of the Dealer to have a separate discount for that Dealer.
– Ecozone is committed to providing products to the Dealer at the correct price specified in the quotation sheet REGISTRATION – Ecozone will regularly review and have better preferential policies for regular import agents. III. Contracts & Debts
– After the two parties sign the contract, the agent will pay 100% of the order value before delivery.
– Based on cooperation results and payment history, Agents will enjoy better incentives on credit and debt policies. Dealer support Marketing Support: – Agents are supported with catalogs, product introduction leaflets, product images so that agents can put on the website.
– Dealer information will be updated on Ecozone Vietnam’s website and fanpage Agents are updated with information on prices, information about goods, products, policies, marketing programs, sales promotion documents. – Ecozone will support product display (shelf, sign, banner, …) for each specific case, please contact for more details.
– Ecozone will introduce customers near the dealer’s area to buy goods.
– Agents are trained in sales knowledge. – When participating in bidding and projects, Ecozone will advise and support solutions and techniques if required. Merchandise support:
– Within 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the Dealer will be exchanged for a new one if the product is determined to be faulty by the manufacturer. In the event that there are no more goods to exchange, Ecozone will support the Dealer to the maximum to solve the problem in the best way.
– Ecozone supports delivery to Dealer customers, and is responsible for the quality of goods transported from Ecozone warehouse to Dealer’s delivery point. Requirements for agents Agents actively build a sales network, develop markets, provide their products with healthy forms and activities, showing professionalism.
– Agents who expand branches in new locations will be supported by Ecozone to the maximum. Agents develop their own development plan and announce the location they want to develop for Ecozone to be protected throughout the system to avoid unfair competition between Agents.
– Proactively planning business plans, customer development plans, plans to bring products to consumers in the area they are in charge of
– Within 3-6 months after the Agent registers a new development area but has not yet started selling, Ecozone will transfer that area to the next registered Agent.
– Support and combine with Ecozone when there are promotions and advertisements taking place at the Dealer’s business point. – If you are the exclusive distribution agent, you will not trade similar products of other brands, products of unknown origin. – The dealer price for the customer is guaranteed to be equivalent to the suggested retail price of Ecozone, not dumping. Individuals or companies interested in cooperating with Ecozone please contact for more details and specific advice.

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